About myself and the Boys

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I am middle age, if you call nearly 60 middle age, but whose to say. I love dogs and am an awesome advocate of giving those that need a loving home just that.I currently have 3. One of which is a retired racing Greyhound. Her name is Baby and is 13 yrs. old. So hoping she wants to hang out for a few more yrs. Then I have 2 Weim’s Oldest one is Sir Winston, he is going to be 8 in May 2013. then I have Little Randy AKA Little Tail. Both boys saved from the life they were living that was lets say not pleasant.

About 3 yrs ago before Little I was introduced to the dog sport of Dock Diving. I absolutely fell in love with every aspect of it. Its a blast and Winston was (I think ) having fun too, It gave another fun thing we could do together which made the bond grow ever stronger. Then when I lost one of my other Greyhounds I set out to find another homeless Weim, that’s where Little came in almost 2 yrs ago.

Through going on the trips to the diving events I found out how much and what a thrill I got out of pulling out of the driveway and heading out on the road all packed trying to remember everything that would be needed. It was tons of work but the thrill of pulling away  being behind the wheel just turned me on. So this is where part of my idea began.

For years and all the struggles of getting by and pay check to pay check never knowing after I couldn’t work anymore how I was going to make the all important house payment with the taxes making that climb higher and higher every year. I started checking out other avenues of keeping a roof over all our heads and keep us all together combined with the desire to continue jumping the boys. I started checking out mobile homes on e bay. To my surprise I thought with the back pay I would get when I was finally approved for disability I just might be able to pull this off. I won’t be getting a great deal of money monthly but hell I could purchase an RV and worse comes to worse walk away from a house that was no longer an asset to me and just live in it full time. Way more practical as far as expenses go, and if I could swing it travel a little see the sites of our country I never got to see dock dive the boys. This is where my quest begins I researched everything I could for 2 yrs.

Last month Oct 2012 I finally made that purchase. I can not tell you what a relief it is just having it in my driveway. So I will be entering my progress here and letting you know how I manage getting over the separation anxiety I have lived in my home for 25 yrs. It will be emotional but I am hoping when I get behind the wheel and pull out of the drive I will get that adrenalin rush I am so looking forward to. I will post again soon

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